Exterior Construction Company in Maryland

The first thing noticed when approaching a home is the effort put into exterior details. This may include stone work with a beautifully painted front door, landscaping in front of bay windows enveloping room additions, or a superbly constructed deck by a patio builder or deck contractors.

Patio Builder and Deck Contractors

Patios and decks are just a start to exterior details that make a statement. Especially when a homeowner has taken the time and effort to maintain and expand upon the appearance of their home and property. Exterior renovation and estate maintenance are essential to the investment in long-term health and presentation of any home and finding the right deck contractors or patio builder is a must.

Construction Company in Maryland

From an aesthetic perspective, Eisenbrandt Companies prides itself as a premier construction company in Maryland. We also pride ourselves in being your expert deck contractors or patio builder. When it comes to exterior home remodels we want to be your number one choice.

Our Team

Our construction company in Maryland is composed of a team of custom woodworking carpenters and project managers has many years of experience building timeless customized craft solutions to spruce up decks, porches, and entryways for clients. We also provide landscaping and hardscaping services such as bluestone or flagstone installation for patios and walkways, which are yet another fantastic way to transform the look of your home.

Eisenbrandt professionals can help you diagnose the health of your property and create solutions to resolve any needed repairs that pertain to the luxury and function of your home.


Whether it’s classic homes or contemporary residential architecture in the greater Baltimore area, our local climate is extremely seasonal and that means careful attention ought to be paid to your home exterior. Given such strong fluctuations in our local climate, it is important to get a professional opinion by a construction company in Maryland on the weathering of your home. Eisenbrandt is devoted in the efforts preserve your property; our team will address and ease your estate maintenance concerns.

All in One Contractor

Sometimes it is not evident what should to be done to transform the exterior of your home. Let us tackle the project on your behalf. Eisenbrandt Companies’ design capabilities make our clients’ lives easier. Our team can provide electronic drawings and take care of the design planning of your home project. Being able to visualize the project from the start provides comfort and excitement throughout the planning process.

Eisenbrandt Companies

No matter your concern, Eisenbrandt is here to be your go-to construction company in Maryland, deck contractors and patio builder to help with any exterior home improvement jobs or remodeling business that you are looking to pursue. Contact us today to start making the extrior of your home appear as it does in your dreams!



As a renovation company and construction company we specialize in kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels, custom builds, custom woodworking, and home additions. With our 90+ years of experience, let us be your home improvement contractor.







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